Who is the winner of $2 Billion USD Powerball lottery main prize?


The winner of the largest lottery jackpot ever, worth $2.04 billion, has been revealed as Edwin Castro, who purchased the winning Powerball ticket in Altadena, California, on November 7th, 2022. Castro has opted to remain private and did not attend the press conference. He will receive $997.6 million before taxes, which will likely amount to around $628 million after taxes. The seller of the ticket, Joe’s Service Center, received a $1 million bonus. Timothy Schultz, a former lottery winner himself, discusses Castro’s likely emotions and the technical difficulties that caused a delay in the drawing.

–  The winner of the largest lottery jackpot in history, worth 2.04 billion dollars, has been revealed after three months of anonymity.

–  The winning ticket was sold in Altadena, California, on November 7th, 2022, and the lucky winner’s name is Edwin Castro, who declined to attend the press conference.

–  The winner will receive 997.6 million dollars before taxes and is likely to end up with around 628 million dollars after taxes.

–  Joe’s service center in Altadena, California, where the ticket was sold, received a 1 million dollar bonus check just for selling the winning ticket.

–  The winner, Edwin Castro, has already redeemed the ticket and is probably still in shock and thinking about how his life will change with this incredible amount of money.

–  The delay in the lottery drawing was due to technical difficulties, and an interview with a former State Lottery director about this issue is available in the provided link.

–  The California state law requires lottery winners’ names to be made public, but some winners prefer to remain anonymous for privacy reasons.

–  The recent lottery winner, Edwin Castro, declined to attend the press conference and wishes to remain private.

–  The podcast host is interested in interviewing Edwin Castro and can guarantee anonymity through blurred faces and disguised voices.

–  Castro sent a written statement expressing shock and excitement over the win, and he is happy that the California public school system will benefit from his lottery win.

–  The jackpot was worth $2 billion, making it the largest lottery jackpot ever awarded.

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