How to choose a winning lottery ticket? Lotto player, who won lottery 7 times, gives some tips.

How to choose a winning lottery ticket? Lotto player, who won lottery 7 times, gives some tips.

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A big prize from a winning lottery ticket. For most people it is a dream. A big lottery win is exactly that dream.

There is a man who’s won the lottery seven times. He says, that he’s cracked the lotto code. According to him, by following just a few simple rules, you too can be lottery winner.

Seven times lottery winner Richard Lustig has spend his winnings among other things on Harley Davidson bike, Jaguar car.

One of his lottery win was $842 thousand dollars. His seventh lottery win was around $90 thousand.

Many people have asked him: Has the lottery winnings changed your life? He answers: Absolutely!

Now he wants to help to change your life too.

He decided to share his secrets.

How to increase the chances of winning the lottery? How to pick that winning lottery ticket?

He says, this will increase your chances to win big. Luck has nothing to do with this. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. People who rely on luck are fooling themselves.

1. Instead he says: You need to pick a set of lottery numbers and stick with it every time. Never use random quick pick. Lustig says millions of people pick their lottery numbers randomly.

2. He advises: Don’t use birthdays and anniversaries to select your lottery numbers. Those numbers can go only up to 31. That is narrow range.

If your lottery offers to pick six numbers out of pool of 49. In case of using birthdays, you would never choose to play any lottery numbers between 32 and 49.

3. This 7 times lottery winner says: Set your own lottery budget. You need to be in it to win it.

4. Choose several different lottery games and play consistently.

5. Don’t wait to buy lottery tickets, until the grand prize is astronomical. You’ll have much more competition.

6. Maybe you’re thinking about scratch offs. Smaller prize, but a better chance of winning.

7. Instead of buying several different games, buy several of the same game.

8. Research your set of lottery numbers and make sure that they’ve never won before. He says, that his research shows, that the same set of lottery numbers only repeated six or seven times in lottery history.

Richard Lustig is so confident about his lottery system. He even wrote a book about it.

In that book, he is sharing his secret in details, How to pick a winning set of lottery numbers?

Richard Lustig success paints an alluring picture. While his seven wins are impressive, others have won just about as many times. One Powerball lottery winner, who chose to remain anonymous, bought six separate tickets for the same Powerball lottery game in 2012. He played the same lottery numbers combination on each lottery ticket. He won six second tier prizes, each prize was worth $1 million dollars.

Now, as far as those who doubt Lustig’s claims that he has cracked the lottery code.

His first response to those people is, have you ever won a lottery?

So, which set of lottery numbers, has the best chance of winning american Powerball lottery?

Well, if you follow Richard Lustig’s advice, avoid numbers that have previously won. In the case of Powerball lottery, there are six non-winning lottery numbers to choose from. Additionally, to your Powerball lottery numbers pick. Keep in mind, you only need to pick five of those numbers. They are 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 38. The final pick is 31 Powerball number.

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