5 Smartest Lottery Winners

What are the best things lottery winner can do with the winnings?

Let’s have a closer look at 5 smart lottery winners for some inspiration.

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5 Smartest Lottery Winners

Number 5: Eloise Hutchinson [00:10]

British teenager, Eloise Hutchinson, 19 years old, won over £1 million 300 thousand. (over $1 million 600 thousand). She celebrated by having a special dinner with her boyfriend, David Hurd, who she’d later marry. Back in the day, she was working in a grocery store and swore she wouldn’t stop working. She only spent money on new car and a home. Additionally, she spent some money on a lavish wedding, and a great honeymoon across America. But mostly, she and her husband smartly invested in their own companies for mobile beauty business and his online toy company. They also were happy to treat their families to nice stuff, but mostly, as the lucky winner said, ‘’We’re both working very hard to get our businesses going, but knowing we have financial security at such a young age, is phenomenal.’’

Number 4: Jamie Grieve [00:57]

Another smart British lottery winner, who used his wealth to start his own business, is Jamie Grieve. This young man was only 26 when he won close to one and a quarter million dollars in 2013. Jamie says, ‘’When I scratched my lottery card and saw £1 million, I started screaming and running around the house. I had no doubt I would use the money to buy a house, and start my own business.’’ That’s exactly what he did. Jamie was living with his parents in Lowestoft, Suffolk back then, but launched his company with his partner Francesca. They print images on the hard surfaces. They customize them for cars, bikes or interiors. Jamie says, he loves being his own boss, and never looked back. Good for him.

Number 3: Deana Sampson [01:39]

Sheffield UK resident, Deanna Samson, had a pretty rough life from a struggle to make ends meet in her childhood. The same financial struggles continued later in her adult life. Not to mention the fact that she had a disabled brother, lost her first husband in a car accident. He left her to raise her young son alone before she remarried. She lost a child born prematurely, and saw her brother passed away. Later on, when she dozed off in her late brother’s chair, he’d visited her in a dream and told her she’d win the lottery. She was convinced and went out to buy lottery ticket. She won almost $9 million. She gave $2 million to family and friends. She treated 22 of her favorite people to a trip to Spain. Then invested in her future by starting up a business. She now runs a restaurant and three bars. Her establishments are opened six days a week. She says, she was never so comfortable just sitting around in one place. She feels that this is a much better example to give to her son and daughter.

Number 2: Meredith Davies [02:35]

Sometimes people win the lottery, and they’re already pretty happy with their life. The smart ones use the extra money just to upgrade it, and make it a little easier. That’s what Meredith Davies of Lampeter, Wales did. He had always loved working in agriculture, and was comfortable with farm life. In October 2004, when he won £2 million in the lottery, he used the money wisely. His company repairs ploughs, tractors and combine harvesters. This horse lover bought himself the farm of his dreams, where he now breeds Welsh cob ponies. Since Meredith is from a family of nine children, he’s also sharing his good fortune with his family.

Number 1: Chris Manzi [03:12]

New Jersey resident, Chris Manzi, won the MegaMillions lottery in 2012. He won $14 million. He split it with another lucky winner. He was left with approximately $3 and a half million after taxes, because he chose a lump sum. Although he seems to regret that part of it, he did invest his money smartly. Even if he did splurge on a few toys, as he calls them. He gave money to cancer research before buying himself a Florida beach house. He does keep going to work, and watches his investments on a daily basis, seeing them go up and down every day. Since he did consult honest bankers and financial advisors, he doesn’t have to worry about money. That’s the best thing a smart lottery winner can hope for.

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