Interview with 24 years old Powerball lottery winner. He won $768 million dollars.

24-year-old Manuel Franco from Wisconsin is winner of $768 million Powerball lottery jackpot.

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Below are some highlights from the press conference given by Powerball lottery winner Manuel Franco.

Manuel Franco statement:

I just want to start by saying thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the years. My name is Manuel Franco. I am actually 24 years old. I really wish that I was a New Berlin resident. I know that a lot of people in New Berlin really wanted a New Berlin resident. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I am actually from West Allis. The story that how I won is a bit of a tale. At around 2pm I had left work, and I pretty much felt lucky. You know, it’s a weird, Lucky feeling. It’s not natural, not normal at all.

… I purchased 10 USD worth of individual Powerball lottery tickets. I honestly felt so lucky that I did look at the camera. I really wanted the wink at camera because I just felt lucky. … I don’t know if I said that or not. How I ended up finding out that I won? I actually do not watch the Powerball lottery draw at night time.

I didn’t even check Powerball lottery winning numbers in the morning; I went to work not even knowing any better. I left work that day. And I remember at work hearing that, you know, Powerball lottery winner is from Wisconsin. I never thought about it at all. I got home and I see the tickets that me and my girlfriend had bought together. And that’s really what reminded me of the Powerball lottery ticket purchase. I went to go grab those two tickets that we had bought together and I went on my computer. I searched for the Powerball winning numbers. All the news articles that you see underneath the Powerball numbers, said winner from Wisconsin. I live in Wisconsin, I probably got a chance. I went through the Powerball lottery tickets, which we had bought together and nothing. So, I was disappointed. Then, I look into my wallet and I reach for the tickets that I had bought that 10 USD worth of tickets, all individual and I go through them.

It was a third ticket, which I did win 4 USD and I was super excited. That doesn’t happen very often. I get to, what I thought was the last ticket and they didn’t win. Obviously. I had all the tickets on my left hand and I swapped them over to my right hand, because I was discarding them as I went. All of a sudden, I see that last ticket is so attached to the other one. I’m thinking oh my god, no way. As dramatically as I have said it to many of my friends and families. I looked at it one number at a time. And I saw that first number. I didn’t think much of it. But I knew that it was something special, because I normally don’t match the first number, it’s usually the fourth or the fifth number, you know, just the Powerball. And I see that second number and I’m my heart starts to pump. And at that moment, I pulled that ticket in front. Often, I go straight to that Powerball number and I look at it and it matched in at this moment.

I look back at the three other numbers and they all match them. I don’t want to embarrass myself in live TV right now. But what I can explain it was amazing. My heart started racing, blood pumping, and my blood felt warm. I screamed for about 5 to 10 minutes. Good thing that my neighbors didn’t hear me. It’s really amazing to just win.

I’ve played Powerball lottery since I first could, when I was 18 years old, six years ago. Today, I am 24. On my very first birthday when I was 18, I did actually buy a Powerball lottery ticket. So, it’s great to actually win at least once.

Obviously, everyone always hopes, when you buy lottery ticket to actually win. I can tell you right now that when I won Powerball lottery, I wasn’t ready for it. I wasn’t ready for that winnings at all. I got that paranoia that you get where you think the whole world is against you. Now I found out that realistically, if you don’t tell anybody, nobody knows. That’s how I guess I got to here. I’m not sure what the next chapter is going to bring for my life.

I have been setting up the best financial team. The best loyal team that I could. I just really want to thank Andrew here, because he made me much more confident in myself to be here with that Powerball lottery winning ticket. Without him I don’t think that I would be here right now talking.

It feels like a dream. It feels honestly, like any moment. I’m going to wake up and I’m just going to be back in my room. It’s going to be a disappointment. But I can see that you guys are all here. I simply just can’t believe that an ordinary guy like me could ever win the Powerball lottery main prize. The 2 USD you spend on the ticket for that hope that you’d win some day is worth it. I know that because I’ve won. But it is realistically worth it. And it’s amazing. Thank you, guys, for being here. That’s, that’s all I have to say about my statement. Now, I will answer a couple questions.

What are the first things you plan on doing?

I’m not sure yet. Right now, what I do know is that I want to take a break. I just need to make sure I’m not making any bad decisions or anything like that. I do want to be responsible. I do want to help out the world but I have to do it correctly and I have to make sure that my future is secure.

Innitially, I wanted to take the annuity payments, but I have been convinced otherwise, so I decided to takie one large payment in form of the lump sum.

Are you prepared for people coming out of the wood?

I’m ready and I know how to say no to random people. But if he’s related, I got to give him something I am ready for that.

I do want to make clear: This Powerball lottery ticket was not the one you purchased with your girlfriend?

This was my Powerball lottery ticket. Yes and it’s really strange for her to actually want to buy Powerball lottery tickets. She normally doesn’t play lottery. I’m the one that plays Powerball lottery. I normally have just 5 USD to spend for Powerball lottery. So I end up spending about 10 USD a week on Powerball lottery tickets.

We all dream about winning Powerball lottery. What were your dreams before you won Powerball lottery?

I just really wanted to travel the world. I’m not a guy that’s going to go buy fancy stuff. Well, of course I might buy fancy stuff, but nothing too big. I’m sure you will never see me bankrupt and broke. I thought I’d like to live my life normal as much as possible.

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