Interview with Powerball lottery winners. They shared record $1.6 billion Powerball lottery win.

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Below is the summary of the full interview with Powerball lottery winners.

Interviewer: Imagine watching the Powerball lottery and realizing you have a ticket with every single winning number in a 1.6 USD billion jackpot. So, what does it feel? Has it sunk in? What does it feel like right now?

Robinson: It is a dream. And I don’t want to wake up right now, feels pretty good.

Interviewer: So how did you purchase it? who purchased it? And how did that happen?

Robinson: Well, I purchased the ticket. I was on my way home from work. And she called me She said, are you going to stop and get a couple lottery tickets? I said, no, I really don’t feel like stopping because I don’t feel good. I didn’t feel good that day.

Interviewer: Do you normally buy tickets?

Robinson: Only when it’s huge.

Interviewer: Okay. So, you didn’t feel well, but you stopped,

Robinson: I stopped the store and just went in there and, and told the lady and went for quick pick tickets, got the tickets, and came home and I hand it to Lisa. So, I don’t feel good. I’m basically go lay down. I went and lay down with cats went to sleep.

Interviewer: How did you find out that you won?

Lisa: Well, I watched it at 10 o’clock, when they gave out the numbers. I wrote them down because I knew if I didn’t write them down, I’d forget the numbers. So, I said, okay, write them down. I started looking at the tickets, and I got to the third one. And I was like, okay, this number matches. The closer I got to the Powerball number. I was like, oh, my gosh, these numbers are matching up. And so, I looked again, and I took my finger and I hit the number on the paper and number on the ticket paper. And on the ticket. I was like, oh my gosh, these matches.

Interviewer: I mean, was your heart just racing? What is that feeling?

Lisa: He’s going to freak out. He’s in there sleeping. I went running down the hallway, you got to check these numbers.

Robinson: I was sleep on the couch. She come running down the hall. I didn’t know what was going on. And she startled me I jump up. And you can just imagine

Lisa: I said check these numbers.

Robinson: I checked the numbers four times. I want to make sure that I get it from a reputable source. From more than one news agency. We stayed up the rest of the night couldn’t go back to sleep. Once the news came on at 4:30 AM, in the morning, then we realized that we had to go in and take it.

Interviewer: So that feels amazing. And I know it’s overwhelming, because people must be just coming out of the wood. And it must be hard for you to go back to work and have a life because, you know, the thing is you don’t change but everybody around you changes because you’ve got a lot of money.

Lisa: I haven’t seen that much mail in 33 years that we’ve been married.

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