Annuity or Lump Sum payment after big win in lottery? What should I choose?


This video is discussing the differences between receiving lottery winnings as a lump sum or an annuity. The lump sum option means receiving all the money won at once, minus taxes. The annuity option means receiving payments slowly over several years, starting with the first payment as soon as the win is confirmed, with payments getting 5% bigger each year, until the total sum of all payments equals the jackpot amount. Financial experts usually prefer the lump sum option because it helps to avoid long-term tax implications and allows for investments, but it also increases the risk of overspending. If the winner is worried about overspending, the annuity option may be better. The video also discusses what happens if a winner who chose the annuity option passes away, as well as the differences between lotteries that give winners the option to choose and those that always pay out as an annuity.

–  But while we’re imagining what we’d do with all that imaginary cash, we don’t usually take time to plan the logistics.

–  But if you actually did win, one of the biggest things you’d need to think about is whether you’ll accept your amazing prize as a lump sum or annuity.

–  But what exactly is the difference between those two options?

–  And, more importantly, which one should you choose?

–  I’m going to run you through everything you need to know about receiving your jackpot as a lump sum or annuity –  so, if you ever win, you’ll already know which option is best for you!

–  Let’s get to it!

–  Firstly, it’s important to know that this debate only becomes important if you actually win the jackpot prize.

–  Most lotteries only give you the option to choose if you hit the jackpot, and all other prizes are paid out as a lump sum.

–  Of course, you can play lottery games that always pay out as an annuity, but in that case, you won’t have the option to accept your prize as a lump sum.

–  So, for this video, we’re only focusing on big jackpot payouts where you get to choose how you receive your prize.

–  So what are these two options exactly?

–  Well, the lump sum option is basically what everyone pictures when they think of winning the lottery.

–  It means you’ll receive all the money you won at once.

–  In other words, this option is a one-time payment of the entire jackpot.

–  It’s important to remember that you won’t exactly receive the jackpot that was advertised.

–  The advertised prize is an estimate, and the actual prize will be calculated based on ticket sales.

–  Also, some money will be deducted for tax purposes, and you’ll receive what’s left after that.

–  The taxes that will be deducted are different depending on your location.

–  Annuity is a very different way to receive your prize.

–  This means you’ll receive your prize slowly over several years.

–  Usually, the time frame is 30 years –  and 30 payments, starting with the first one that’s paid out as soon as your jackpot win is confirmed.

–  These payments aren’t all the same –  they actually get 5% bigger every year.

–  But the total amount, when all the payments are added up, will equal the jackpot prize you won after tax has been taken off.

–  What do you think you’d choose? Let us know in the comments!

–  And keep watching –  there’s some pretty important information coming up!

–  But what are the benefits of these two options?

–  There’s a debate about this among financial experts.

–  Usually, the lump sum is considered the best option for a couple of reasons.

–  Firstly, experts think this is the better option because it helps you avoid long-term tax implications.

–  That’s simply because all your taxes on your prize are paid upfront.

–  But that’s not the only reason financial advisors usually prefer this option.

–  Having loads of cash on your hands means you can make big investments.

–  If these investments are smart, you’ll make a lot more money out of them over the years than you’d have if you’re being paid out slowly.

–  But there’s a downside too.

–  I don’t need to remind you about all those lottery winners that went on insane spending sprees and ended up broke.

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