Who are lottery winners, who died in horrible way, after winning lottery?

Who are lottery winners, who died in horrible way, after winning lottery?

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The list of 5 lottery winners who died eerie deaths, after winning the lottery.

Number 5: [00:12]

Let’s talk about a major reversal of fortune. Crystal Rock, Ohio resident, Deborah McDonald, age 47, won a very small amount on Ohio lottery’s TV game show, ‘’Cash explosion double play’’. She just picked up her money, spent some of it on wedding rings for her husband and herself, and was out partying. When on her way home, she was hit by a car and died. Making the sad situation even more eerie, the show she won the money on, aired after her death.

Number 4: [00:40]

In 2012, 25-year-old Michigan native, Amanda Clayton, won $1 million in her home state lottery. A while later, she was arrested for collecting $5500 in food stamps and medical benefits, because she hadn’t told authorities she was now filthy rich. Therefore, she was not eligible for governmental services. The governmental services were meant for those who were having a hard time making ends meet. Clayton, who had been known to struggle with drug addiction, was even suspected of using her lottery winnings to try to get her neighbors killed. The model citizen and perfect mom was discovered dead of a drug overdose in her bed with her toddler son playing next door. Let’s hope some of the money was left for the boy, so he can have a decent life.

Number 3: [01:20]

Again in 2012, Chicago resident, Urooj Khan, won $1 million when he bought an instant lottery ticket at a local 7-Eleven convenience store. The owner of a chain of dry cleaners was so excited that he kissed the clerk’s in hand and head, and gave him $100. Khan decided to take the lump sum of $600000 instead of yearly installments. It amounted to $425000 after taxes. He said, he’d invest some of the money in his businesses and donate some to a children’s hospital.
But before he could even cast the check, Khan died. After an autopsy, Khan’s death was ruled natural. His coronary arteries were said to have narrowed and hardened. Apparently, a few days after the cause of death was released, a family member approached the coroner and asked that the case be reopened. Upon re-examination, cyanide was found, which even in small amounts can be deadly. It stops cells from transporting oxygen in the body, causing a convulsive extremely violent death. What is really creepy is that the check for the lottery winnings was cashed over a month after Khan’s death. In Illinois, if a lottery winner dies, the money goes to his or her estate, so the check was cashed by his family.

Number 2: [02:28]

In 1996, Jeffrey Dampier, who had grown up poor and had been poor all his life, won $20 million in the Illinois lottery. With his newfound wealth, he turned into Santa Claus. He started spending on friends and family. He bought them new houses, new cars, and vacations. He started a gourmet popcorn company in Tampa, Florida with his wife Crystal. He bought an apartment for his wife’s sister and her boyfriend. To show their appreciation, the couple plotted to rob the lottery winner. He was later discovered to be having an affair with the sister-in-law. The nice couple, Victoria and Nathaniel, bound and gagged Dampier. Then, Nathaniel turned on his girlfriend threatening to kill her if she didn’t kill Dampier. The popcorn man got popped in the back of the head. 10 years later, the sweet Victoria Jackson was found guilty of first degree murder, kidnapping and armed robbery. She was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences. Nathaniel Jackson is also spending the rest of his life in prison.

Number 1: [03:23]

Florida sanitation worker, Abraham Shakespeare, won $30 million in the Florida state lottery in 2008. His story, the one of an illiterate man from Lakeland, who suddenly became a millionaire. He would probably have been a great inspiration to his namesake, William Shakespeare, if they had lived in the same century. Unfortunately, Tampa resident, Dee Dee Moore, volunteered to write Abraham’s life story instead. Shakespeare squandered a good portion of his fortune. But then in April 2009, he was shot twice in the chest with a 38 caliber gun. He was reported missing until November. Then his body was discovered in a backyard under a slab of cement in January of 2010. Who done it? The great biographer herself, Deedee Moore. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, with an additional 25 years tacked on for good measure. The moral of this story, if you win the lottery, beware of biographers and learn to read, so you can understand the fine print.

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