What is life like today of the biggest lottery winners?


This video discusses some of the biggest Powerball winners and their current whereabouts. The list includes Jack Whitaker, who won $314 million and faced several problems after winning, including theft, DUI, lawsuits, and the loss of his granddaughter and home. Manuel Franco won $326 million and disappeared from the internet for privacy reasons, but he expressed a desire to travel and help his parents. Robert Bailey split a $687.8 million jackpot with Lauren West and hired financial advisors to help him invest his money wisely. Maureen Smith and David Kaltsmith won $528.8 million but kept their lives private and made only modest upgrades to their lifestyle. Cindy and Mark Hill won $587 million and invested in the local community after taking a trip to Ireland. Gloria McKenzie, who won $590 million at the age of 84, faced financial troubles after her win.

–  Jack Whitaker won 314 million dollars and was the president of a construction company before winning.

–  Manuel Franco won 326 million dollars and disappeared from the internet for privacy reasons.

–  Robert Bailey split the winnings with Lauren West, took home half, and hired a lawyer and financial advisor to invest his money wisely.

–  Maureen Smith and David Kaltsmith won 528.8 million dollars and decided to keep their lives private and unchanged.

–  Cindy and Mark Hill won 587 million dollars and invested in the local community sewage plant and funded the construction of a new ambulance station.

–  Gloria Mckenzie won 590 million dollars at the age of 84 and claimed a single lump sum payment of 370 million before taxes.

–  All of these lottery winners had life-changing experiences after winning.

–  Some faced struggles like theft, DUI arrests, and the loss of loved ones.

–  Others chose to keep their lives modest and private while giving back to their communities.

–  Mackenzie gave control of her 278 million winnings to her son Scott and financial advisor Harry Hank Madden.

–  Gloria McKenzie and her attorney filed a lawsuit claiming that Madden had no experience managing millions of dollars worth of money and invested it too conservatively resulting in low returns.

–  Lauren West won 688 million dollars in October 2018 and vowed to use her money for good, establishing the Column Foundation named after her late son and setting money aside for her grandchildren’s college education.

–  Mavis Wonschick won 758.7 million dollars in October 2017 and after her win, her identity was made public, leading to people trying to find her and her family.

–  John and Lisa Robinson were one-third of the 1.6 billion dollar Powerball winners in January 2016 and chose to take home the lump sum of 327.8 million before taxes.

–  Mackenzie’s attorney, Greg Anderson, said that the moral of the story is to vet your financial advisors carefully and not trust anyone with your money but yourself.

–  Lauren West faced a wave of online impersonators promising money for personal information, and she and her family have pleaded for people not to fall victim to lies and fake online accounts.

–  Mavis Wonschick cut her job loose at Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, and retired after winning the Powerball, saying she just wants to sit back and relax.

–  The Robinsons bought a mansion estimated at 6.2 million spread across 320 acres with its private lake where they reside to this day after winning 1.6 billion dollars in January 2016.

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