15 stupid lottery winners

What would you do if you won the lottery? Make sure you do not become stupid lottery winner. Let’s take a look at another list of 15 stupid lottery winners. This list has been created by TheWacky. Click here to visit their youtube channel.

Summary of the video below:

Number 15 Denise Rosie

Denise Rosie won 1.3 million dollars in the California lotto. She did not wish to share that huge winnings with her then husband Thomas. She left her husband without a word of her winning. Thomas agreed for a divorce. Thomas found out about his wife winnings. Soon after he filed a lawsuit against his ex wife Denise. Thomas won the case and without even purchasing a lotto ticket the lucky guy got his share of his ex-wife’s winnings.

Number 14 Michael Carroll 0:53

Michael Carroll won in UK lottery 9 millions and 700 thousands pounds in 2002. He went on a crazy binge of purchasing houses and cars as expected of most lotto winners. However he took his overindulgence a bit too far. He used the backyards of his houses as open areas to organise races and wreck the cars. Of course those cars which he had bought with his lottery winnings. He soon ended up in jail and ended up penniless.

Number 13 Etta May Urquhart 1:27

Etta May Urquhart from California after playing the lottery for over 18 years finally won the jackpot. She couldn’t stop shaking after realized that she won big. So, she asked her son Ronny to sign the ticket and claim the jackpot on her behalf. Greed however can overpower even the closest relations. To her disbelief Ronny claimed the jackpot as his own and went on a spending spree with the money he had received.

Number 12 Timothy Elliot 2:01

Timothy Elliot had always wanted to win the lottery at any cost. He even undertook an armed robbery in order to get money to buy lottery tickets. During his trial he was diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder and hence the court put him on probation with mandatory mental counselling instead of sending him to jail. The terms of his probation were as follows: no drugs and no gambling. He finally strike lucky in 2011 when he won his million dollars by playing lottery. He was arraigned for breaking the terms of his probation. Thankfully the court asked him to make a moderate compensation for his treatment and let him keep the rest of his winnings.

Number 11 Ian Galtress 02:46

Ian Galtress an engineer from Merseyside has misplaced his winning lottery tickets. After unsuccessful search for his winning ticket he realized that he had lost his winning lottery ticket worth 1 million pound. He know for sure that it was the winning ticket very well because he had purchased another ticket for his girlfriend. That second ticket was different by just one digit away from his.

Number 10 Americo Lopes 03:20

Americo Lopes was delighted when he won the lottery in 2010. He immediately quit his job on the pretext that he required foot surgery. While none of this appeared suspicious. It was only months later when his co-workers filed a lawsuit against him. It seems that all the workers in the company usually pooled their money together in order to buy lottery tickets. His winning ticket was part of such cash pool.

Number 9 Vivian Nicholson 04:02

Vivian Nicholson won the lottery in 1961 in the UK. Her very public exclamations was that she was going to spend it all. It seemed very adequate but of course no one thought that the lady would literally go ahead with her plans. She followed her words to such an extent that she wasted her millions in just a matter of years, rather than keeping aside some of the cash for rainy days or investing at least part of it on her future. Vivian wasted it all. Vivian was soon jobless alienated from her friends.

Number 8 William “Bud” Post 4:42

William Budd Post was unfortunately the victim of the common phenomenon. Namely, that lottery winners are approached after many years of no contact by many family members. They usually assume that they are entitled to a chunk of the cash for no particular reason apart from family connections. His girlfriend sued him for part of his winnings. She won her case! His brother attempted to hire a hitman to kill him, so that he could get the money for himself. His other siblings persuaded him to make bad investments that left him 1 million dollars in debt. Until his death he was living off Social Security checks.

Number 7 Jeffrey Dampier 05:24

Jeffrey Dampier won about 20 million dollars from the Illinois Lottery. He actually invested it in a gourmet popcorn store. His sister-in-law along with her boyfriend shot Dan Pierre in the back of the head with a shotgun seven years after he won. They left him in the back of a van intending to take his money. They were obviously caught and convicted of murder and now they’re both in jail for life.

Number 6 Alex Ahsoak 05:59

Alex Ahsoak won about half a million dollars in the lottery. His donated winnings to his nonprofit organization, which aided victims of sexual abuse. However Alex was a sexual offender himself. He molested two girls under the age of 13 one in 1993 and one in 2000. Nobody actually knew this until he won lottery. The media dug up the info. Soon after Alex was attacked while walking down the street and hit repeatedly in the head with a pipe that left him severely injured.

Number 5 Evelyn Adams 06:32

Evelyn Adams from New Jersey won lottery twice. She won first time in 1985 and second time in 1986. She won about 5.4 million in total. Instead of thinking to put away or invest her winnings. Evelyn thought it would be a great idea to spend it all gambling in nearby Atlantic City. 20 years later she found herself completely broke and living in trailer.

Number 4 Tonda Lynn 07:07

Waitress Tonda Lynn thought she could easily get away with keeping her millions from being shared with two of her waitress colleagues. However the three of them had verbally agreed to share the winnings if any of them ever won from tickets founded by tips from their clients. Since verbal agreements related to gambling do not hold up in court she did win the case that her colleagues filed against her.

Number 3 Callie Rogers 07:35

When Callie Rogers won about 1.9 million playing UK lottery. She was just only 16 years old, another normal teen living in the UK. Perhaps being 16 years old is far too young to deal with that much money at once. Because shortly after receiving her cash prize Callie went on a spending spree. She spended all her winnings on clothes, vacations, parties, breast enhancements and cocaine lots and lots of cocaine.

Number 2 Janite Lee 8:16

Janite Lee from st. Louis won 18 million dollars in 1993. At the time when she won she was 52 year old wig shop owner. She initially spent her winnings on the usual stuff. Later she started spending her winnings massively on philanthropic. This South Korean immigrant donated a bit too much for educational programs, community services and political organizations. She had lost everything and had to file for bankruptcy.

Number 1 Amanda Clayton 08:42

Amanda Clayton had a million dollars in her bank account after winning lottery. However she was still collecting her welfare checks. She was arrested for welfare fraud. She must have been either: Too greedy to give up on welfare coupons, even though she knew that she was rich now. Or she was too stupid to notice that she still receive those welfare coupons. She was sentenced to five years in jail. However she died from drug overdose.

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